Thursday, March 10, 2011

SB Special Offers

Another way to earn swagbucks is to do special offers.
There are some free special offers like watch videos.
But most special offers cost money so consider that.

For us I don't think we've done any of the special offer other than daily deals.
We keep looking at Blockbuster, video rental via mail, but haven't done it yet.
There's always the possibility we would take advantage of the ProFlowers deal.

There are six tabs on the Special Offers page.  The tabs are referred to as "walls".
Mostly they have different offers on each of the walls but sometimes the same.
Current tabs: Gambit, Tapjoy, TrialPay, RadiumOne, Paymentwall, SuperRewards.

Each of the walls has their own tabs. 
Sometimes the Gambit and TrialPay walls have a Video Tab.
RadiumOne use to be called gWallet and often has videos but with no Video Tab.

Sadly I've heard of a lot of people having trouble getting credited for purchases.
So I would advice caution and being willing to fight for your swagbucks.
Each wall should have a "missing swagbucks" link to contact their customer support.

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